Thank you for your interest in PrayBuzz! Here are a few details about the app and our team.


Unite the World in Prayer


PrayBuzz is the “Prayer App.” A fun, easy, modern way to pray together with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Share prayer requests with all your friends or just a private network of people. PrayBuzz notifies you when someone prays for you, when a friend announces an answer to prayer, and will even send you daily reminders to pray for the people and issues you care about! In a busy world PrayBuzz helps you pray more, encourage one another daily, and see God work.


  • Matt Sprankle, Founder
  • Jeremy Whaley, Co-Founder
  • Randy Meinen, Co-Founder


Pray Button: Encourage One Another Daily

Who’s praying for you? Find out and let your friends know you are praying for them too. Just click the “Pray” icon under the request and they will receive a “PrayBuzz” telling them you just lifted them up in prayer.

Answered Prayer Announcements : See God Work

When you receive an answer to prayer let everyone know in one easy step. The “Answered” feature let’s you notifies your friends instantly so they can celebrate with you as soon as it happens. Look back over time at your “Spiritual Journal” to see all the ways God has come through.

Prayer Networks: Choose Your Audience

Sometimes you want everyone to pray with you. Other times you would rather share more personal requests with a smaller group. Easily organize your friends into networks and then select the network you want to share with. Share with multiple networks at one time or just one friend at a time. You can also share requests on your Facebook timeline.

“Just Me”: PrayBuzz = Modern Prayer Journal

Your journal is private but its hard to take it on the go. PrayBuzz gives you the accessibility of the cloud combined with the privacy of your prayer journal.  Keep a private journal of prayers just between you and God by post the prayer to “Only Me” “Only Me” requests can only be seen by you when you view your profile.

PrayMinder: Never Forget to Pray Again

PrayMinder reminds you to pray by sending you a personal daily digest of prayer requests you have scheduled daily, weekly or monthly. You can add a reminder to any prayer request you have access to. You will also receive push notifications reminding you to pray.

Filters: Find What You Want Faster

Needs My Prayer, Not Yet Answered, Starred & Answered, are different filters to choose from. Find what you want, when you want so search less and pray more..

Friend Confirmation: You Choose Your Friends

Your privacy and security are our #1 priority. PrayBuzz gives YOU control over who is in your friends list. Permission is required before anyone can read requests you have shared. Find your Facebook friends using PrayBuzz conveniently by signing up or connecting your Facebook account.


  • PrayBuzz is a modern web application employing a client-side architecture for desktop, mobile, and mobile app users. The UI rendering and logic runs on our users’ browsers and consumes our API directly.
  • PrayBuzz supports recent versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, mobile Safari for iOS devices, and the stock browser for Android devices.


Genesis Story

  • It all started with the desire to buy a minivan…Founder Matt Sprankle looked into starting a business to supplement his regular income as his family began to grow. The PrayBuzz social-prayer app idea emerged after the prayers of many led to God miraculously saving a friend from a fatal drug overdose. Hundreds of people around the country prayed together using work-arounds like email & Facebook but these tools were hard to use and too public.  Matt realized, “We needed a better way to pray together.” The PrayBuzz corporation was founded in August of 2011.

Facts about the Founders

  • Founder Matt Sprankle has a M.S. in Education and teaches high school social science.
  • Co-Founder Jeremy Whaley is the IT Director at Claremont McKenna College.
  • Jeremy speaks fluent Japanese and is a classically trained guitarist.
  • Co-Founder Randy Meinen is the Founder and CEO of Qualbe Marketing Group, LLC

The PrayBuzz Community

  • PrayBuzz released it’s MVP (Minimally Viable Product) in private beta launch of last March to 100 friends.
  • The 1st group loved the app so much they sent out 1,000 email invitations in the 1st week using a cumbersome invitation system built with a few lines of code and duct tape.
  • Today the average visit duration is 4:49 secs.
  • On average 26 friends pray for each request shared on PrayBuzz.
  • The average PrayBuzz user posts 8 prayer requests per month. (Compare a “Prayer Request” to a “Post”, “Tweet” or “Pin”)
  • PrayBuzz users live in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.S. & Vietnam.

Press Inquiries:

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Founder, PrayBuzz
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